This year is all about making things happen. Of taking those small yet important steps, letting only genuine and passionate people to be part of this journey.
To be honest, I kept a list of things to do for Soirée since January last year, but I put them on hold due to bigger commitment to Maybank Go. Ahead Challenge. Now that the project is over, I finally have all time to myself. It’s time to complete the unfinished business.
There were so many inspiring ideas I wish I had executed last year. Among the plans was to have a collaboration with another inspiring floral designer for creative projects, especially the promo shoots for marketing campaigns. I am glad that this year I have the opportunity to do it and I really want to create good impacts from it.
Managing this creative venture is not easy, let alone when I need to drive the wagon alone. After I gave some serious thought to it, I really think it would be more effective if I have a functional team that can take care of different areas of the business. Of course there will be things that I need to trade off when I called for the collaborations. Hopefully only for the betterment and for the good sake of Soirée.
Discussions are already taking place for the collaborations, the best is yet to come.