I am truly humbled with the opportunities that keep on coming these past few weeks. They kept me busy, in exciting ways. At one point I felt like there were too many things on my plate (how funny because sometimes I hardly find myself eating lunch) and I needed to slow down. But girl, ain’t nobody got time for that. This is the best time to keep me busy. Busy means good.
Following Soiree’s rebranding, my only hope is that this baby will grow a lil bit more than what it did last year. And then V-Day came, I knew this was the moment of truth- to test whether my rebranding plan was a right move or was it simply my ‘syok sendiri’ moment. I felt pressured to prove myself, I knew I need to make some moves.
2 weeks prior V-Day, I made few V-Day prototypes-God knows how much I struggled to come up with the appropriate product line up for Soiree & Flora. ‘What’s so difficult about handling flowers? Flowers are just flowers after all. You put them together, you wrap them and you sell.’ I used to get that a lot from people. But they don’t get my vision. I don’t want Soiree & Flora to be the ‘oh, just another florist in town’. I want it be different. It’s about time someone bring back the classy act of giving flowers. Of course, your flowers need to be classy first. That’s my challenge.
Then Soiree Basic, Soiree Premium and Soiree Bloombox came about. Now I had 1 week to prove if these three are ever going to sell. I need coverage, I need someone to say something about Soiree & Flora, people should know of what we have to offer. So I met and communicated with few people, let them see, feel and know Soiree & Flora. The whole idea is for them to spread the words about us. Slowly, I see the results. People started to like our photos, our Instagram followers started to increase and orders started to come in.
It’s safe to say that it was a very busy (and happy!) V-Day weekend in Soiree Studio. But like what I said, busy means good. Now this worker bee really need his deep tissue massage. #soireeandcokl


 Lucky I have this fluffy thing accompanied me whole night long. Don’t stop growing please. #furryfatchumi