I always get this feel, of needing to go back Dangwa during one of the weekends. You know, to have my much needed floral therapy after being stuck at work the entire weekdays. The kind of stress-free street strolling, to distress and seek for inspirations. But each time when I feel like going, the idea of the congested Manila’s traffic will come to my mind, and I, decided to just stay at home and watch series instead. Wise decision.
So when I received a Whatsapp message from Timmy asking me to help her to send flowers to her mom for Mother’s Day, I get so excited. Finally I have a legit reason to go to Dangwa! Yes, it’s that easy to excite me. 2 things guys; flowers and food.
Anyway, Timmy is currently in KL. But her family is still in the Philippines. While this girl is chasing her dream (and her dream guy) in a foreign city, me in the other hand stuck in Manila, still struggling to choose between Palawan or Boracay for my summer vacation. While I’m at it, why not I make a flower arrangement and make someone’s mother happy on a very special Sunday, right?
So I went to Dangwa last Saturday. It was a long weekend here in the Philippines as the Presidential Election was held on Monday. The traffic was crazy, crazier than usual especially reaching Manila Flower Center. I guess it’s due to Mother’s Day.
IMG_5553.jpgManila Traffic in front of Manila Flower Center
And the streets were full with visitors. Exactly similar to the sight that you will see during our weekly pasar malam.
IMG_5557.jpgIf only we have this long stretch of flower street in KL, I’d be so happy.
I reached here quite late as I took my time sorting out my laundry and did some grocery shopping earlier. By the time I was here, it was 6.30PM and it was dark already.
I was excited to get all the flowers, especially the roses. Remember last time when I shared that it cost me only P100 for 2 dozen of roses? It’s crazy cheap I know. So I went to the same rose vendor that I went to last time and looked out for the shades of roses I want. I wanted to make something all white with the arrangement this time around.
IMG_5558.jpgLook, look at all these roses I could possibly have. 2 dozen for P100 guys.
As I was looking around, picked couple bundles of ivory roses, I asked the kuya (equivalent to our abang) of how much one bundle would cost me, just to double confirm.
500 pesos po. 
There, he broke my heart instantly. It’s 500 pesos for 2 dozens now. WHAT THE HELL. It’s 5 times hike of the normal price. It must be the Mother’s Day. Godamn people, why now only you guys are busy looking out for flowers to give to your moms? Why now?
Still shocked at the price he quoted me, I put back the bundles that I had in my hand. The shop’s kuya just stared at me as I walked to the other shops. By now I should have understood the supply-demand concept already. But the stubborn me was still hoping that I will get cheaper prices from the other vendors. Nope. Prices are almost the same from the other shops too. There was one shop offering P350 for one bundle, but the flowers are lousy. Even I will cry if I receive the lousy flowers. No, Timmy’s mother is not going to receive these bad flowers.
I ended up going back to the first vendor, took back my two bundles of roses, while the kuya staring at me in disguise. Hello, at least I come back and buy from you, capitalist you. To be honest, I wasn’t quite satisfied with my rose purchase this time. P1000 for 4 dozens of roses is just too much. But to cheer me back, I’m glad I managed to find local flowers that cost me less than P200 altogether. Yes, I bought calla lilies, alstromelia, amaranthus, sweet peas for less than P200.
IMG_5570.jpgMy catch on my Saturday visit to Dangwa.
I think I’ve got everything already and decided to go back. But well, the traffic was still bad. So I decided to wander around and see what’s interesting in that area. It’s not the best thing to do in Manila at night. Just be extra careful when you decided to do so. As I walk along the street, I saw this one green spa/salon. I couldn’t believe myself when I saw P130 for manicure and pedicure. Why not right? Since I have nothing better to do.
IMG_5563.jpgKilling time while waiting for traffic to resolve. I swear I will add massage if they have one here.
It’s not a high end nail parlour, but it’s really worth it to get pampered here rather than to stuck in the middle of the crazy traffic.
Well, if they can lessen the “pink” effect on my nails. But I’m pretty sure the pink color will be gone in no time. Now, I cannot wait to get back to my apartment, to have a quick hot shower and a very nice sleep before I work on the flowers the first thing tomorrow. The mani pedi was P130 guys, for an RM10, I am already satisfied. So cheap I tell you!