To be completely honest, I am so sick looking at the perfectly symmetrical hand bouquet arrangements. I mean, they look like they just came out from a mould or cookie cutter or something. You get what I mean. But it all goes back to clients’ preferences. Some of them prefer the very structured, symmetrical arrangements, some will opt for the organic, unstructured look. For me, I am down with the unstructured look any given time.
That’s why when Timmy asked me to make a mother’s day bouquet for her mom, I wanted to make it as unstructured as possible. So I thought, let’s add some drama by adding amaranthus to it. But here’s the catch, it’s a wrap bouquet. Now, how do I make one unstructured bouquet, with the hanging amaranthus? That’s the challenge.
I chose white-gold palette for this bouquet. I had calla lilies, roses, alstromelia, amaranthus and some bunga lalang (I don’t really know the exact name).
Sprayed the amaranthus with gold spray. The original color was deep maroon.
Let’s see how it looks like.
IMG_5604.jpgThe arrangement as hand bouquet.
IMG_5639.jpgThe arrangement as wrapped bouquet.
I managed to find someone to send the bouquet to Quezon City. But few hours before the delivery, he ditched me as he said his bike cannot go that far. Like seriously, are you kidding me? 
It was so last minute and I couldn’t find any replacement for the delivery guy. Thanks to the genius creation of Uber. I said this so many time already, God bless all Uber drivers! So I went to Timmy’s house to personally deliver the bouquet. Her mom was so happy to see the bouquet. They invited me to join them for lunch while I wait for my Uber back to Global City.
The afternoon was an interesting one for me. During the ride back, I had a very long thought. I wonder, where would I be right now should I continued my Chemical Engineering degree. God is amazing with His plannings. Of course, there were challenges here and there, but I am more than grateful for where I am now.