Every time when I’m planning a solo trip, I always feel excited about the endless possibilities of how the trip could be. Of how adventurous and spontaneous the trip will turn out to be. But surprisingly, not this one. This trip did not excite me that much. One huge reason maybe because I fell sick right before the trip. That’s a major bummer already. Another reason maybe because I know a solo trip like this gives me more time alone and will make me think more about myself, of what have I done, of what have I achieved and what else I could have done better. That thought stresses me out. How ironic, you go vacation to destress yourself, but you ended up stressed out. Maybe that’s just me, and my unnecessary thoughts.
It was 3AM in the morning when I start to pack for the trip. Still feeling unwell, I loaded my gym backpack with few tshirts and shorts, my toiletries, my laptop and a book. My control freak me would have packed a medium sized luggage with new shirts bought just for the trip, some matching pants, an adapter with extension, hair dryer, a shoe bag and a lint roller. Strangely, somehow I feel complete, walking out my apartment with a pair of flipflops that morning. 
I arrived at the airport one hour before the departure time. Here I am, at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, waiting to board a plane to Palawan, top on the list of the most beautiful islands in the world, not feeling excited. Something is definitely missing here. Maybe the trip comes at just the right time for me to find that missing piece. 
At least I have the entire row to myself. That’s a good start.