I know there were not much updates about floral designs or arrangements lately. I was a bit caught up with personal activities these past two weeks- of travelings, farewell weekend celebration (which I haven’t update here) and packing up my stuff before I go back to KL for good. Yes, finally. I couldn’t believe that I’ve been in Manila for 3 months already. Time sure flies huh? Especially when you are having a good time.

While I packed my 3 months worth of bits and pieces, I found some time to go back through the entries of Soirée & Flora: The One. All of them are lovely indeed. Everyone is really creative with their captions and their ways of expressing their love, makes me want to get married already. But hey, not too soon for me. Hehe. Some screenshots of the contest entries.

View more on Instagram (www.instagram.com/soireeandflora) by following this hashtag #soireeandfloratheone

I promised to announce the winner for the Instagram contest one week after the dateline, but I am so sorry I’ve been so bad at juggling things in my hands. But hey, are you ready to know who is the lucky bride-to-be who’s going to bring home her dream wedding dress designed by Fuzana Mokhtaza?

After thorough consideration, my team decided to choose…..

Nur Fadhilah Zainudin!

Not only she leads the contest with her social media engagement points, she also went extra miles by coming up with videos of her love story with her fiancé. So sweet that I might get diabetes just by watching at those videos. But seriously, congratulations! We will contact you soon to set up your appointments with Fuzana Mokhtaza. Just get ready to bring out the bridezilla in you.

I really really appreciate the tremendous efforts and supports shown by the participants of the contest. You girls have been amazing with your entries. I couldn’t thank you enough. Trust me, if it were me, I would want to have 2nd and 3rd placing as well. But at this early stage of Soirée & Flora, our budget doesn’t permit yet. Hopefully we can do something like this in upcoming years with larger scales. Fingers crossed! For now, allow me to show my gratitude by curating beautiful bridal bouquets on your big days. Thanks again for putting your trust on Soirée & Flora for your premium bridal bouquets. We shall talk soon.

Now I need to continue packing. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve been collecting here. Like A LOT. And I’m not gonna miss the internet speed here.