You can really tell that I love flowers so much. Floristry has been my passion for quite some time. Since when did it started, I can’t really tell. Was it from my first trip to Cameron Highlands when I first saw bundles of roses in front of me? Was it when I first discovered a place full of flowers in KL that I occasionally went to for no reason after work? Or was it when I first spent RM300 to buy flowers for my friend’s engagement. Honestly, I can’t tell. But I’m glad that I never look back.

The journey has been wonderful so far. I made friends, shared great ideas, faced interesting issues, encountered new opportunities. It’s been an amazing ride with Soiree & Flora. I’m forever grateful even for the slightest thing I discovered along the way.

But things feel different lately. Business has been good. In fact, so good that sometimes I can’t cope up with the requests received. As much as possible, I tried my level best to fulfil each one of them. I took it as opportunity for me to improve my skills. But sometimes, it is so overwhelming that I no longer have time for myself. Order requests have become my upmost priority. That’s a good problem if you ask me. But it became a problem when I started to arrange flowers for the sake of completing the orders. After a while, I started to feel that I’m more into making money out of this than letting my creativity drives me and this business. It’s worrying because I couldn’t feel the same passion I felt when I first doing this. Floral arrangement for me became a routine, no longer an experimental journey. I know I need to do something.

Hence, this whole month of September, Soiree & Flora is taking a break to repurpose its direction and to search its long lost sparks. It won’t be for long, I promise. We’ll be on quest to seek for more inspirations and new ideas. We’ll be back with a bang for sure. Truly appreciate your supports and understanding. -AM