So we had our Malaysia Day last Friday (God bless Malaysia and its countless numbers of public holidays), hence it was a three-day weekend for most of us. But for me, it was a five-day-jam-packed-with-activities kinda weekend because I took 2 days off from work. Ironically, I still had few hours of sleep. Oh well.

Irregardless, with huge help from my new team member, Mustaqim (I will introduce him), we managed to complete the little candle project, secured a deal with client, site recce for wedding deco and outing with family on Sunday. Yes, it was a very productive long weekend indeed! I deserve a tub of ice cream. But that can wait.

For now, I just need to continue writing on my blog, because I realized there isn’t much update since I came back from Manila. Life has been so hectic with high number of orders for my floral arrangements, alhamdulillah. To catch up with works in the office, sometimes I feel like 24 hours a day is not enough. And I’ve been compromising my sleep. I get an average of 4 hours of sleep a day. I must admit that it did take a toll on me. I think I need to make a disclaimer here that I’m not complaining, because for me, all these are rezeki from Him, but somehow I feel that I put so much pressure on myself that I didn’t enjoy doing what am I doing. So I decided to slow down, I took fewer orders this month, took some time to enjoy simple, little moments in life as they come by. So far it’s been great.

So with lesser orders to manage, I have more time for myself. I just don’t want to sit still and do nothing, hence I indulge myself into a small project that I named #secretsanta. Okay what’s #secretsanta is all about? It started when I religiously follow Fashion Valet and their stories through the co-founder’s Instagram, Vivy Yusof. Starting Ramadhan leading to Raya, I noticed that the team has been very busy handling orders that sometimes they needed to stay back to complete the orders. They buka in the office, they even tarawih in the office. Ramadhan month usually is a busy month for fashion retailers as that is the time when people shop for the Raya outfits. It can get a bit crazy, especially when these fashion retailers started to introduce new designs and offer ridiculously tempting discount. Well, it’s not that easy to attract us customers, throw some discounts to our faces, we’ll buy from you.

Anyway, yes, FV team has worked so hard pre-Raya. And I wanted to do something special for the entire team. You know, just a little appreciation for all their hard work dealing us the difficult customers before Raya where everyone will receive their little parcel at work place. Who wouldn’t like it right? So, it’s secret santa in that sense. But why? Let just say that it’s one of my things-to-do list this year. So, I am thinking of getting them personalised, individual gifts. So I sent an email to Iman, letting her know my idea and if it is do-able. Iman was so cooperative. It’s very easy to deal with her. It took a couple emails before I received spreadsheet that contains the name list of FV staff. Little did I know that the team has 110+ staff!! Okay to be honest I didn’t know that FV team has grown that big. Now I need to figure out what gift to give to every person in the team.

I wanted to give the flowers at first. But it’s a bit too cliche. Everyone else could give them flowers. Plus, flowers are not that long lasting, so I want to avoid giving flowers. —> Okay you didn’t read this from me. By all means, keep the flower orders coming!

So I thought to myself. Hmm what smells nice like flowers, but long lasting. Perfume? No, I don’t have enough budget to give 100 people a bottle of nice perfume each. Hmm what else. Candles! Yes, candles! But, how do I make one? Well, you could see the photos yourself on how me and Mustaqim made the candles. And I am proud to say, almost the entire process are hand made! Except for the glass jars and the boxes. But we could totally learn how to make them. #justkidding #notreally

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I am so happy that everyone at FV has received his/her own candle. Vivy even put the videos of FV team’s reactions on her Instastory. I’ll upload another post about that. In the mean time, feel free to view more photos in our gallery, Soiree for FV.