Yes! The Craft Crowd turned 2 this month and we couldn’t be happier with the growth and milestones achieved by this creative workshop who has been very supportive to our local talents.

I still remember the first time I attended #TCCWorkshop as a student- it was in January 2016 where the workshop was co-organized by Alina (The Craft Crowd) and Michelle Latif (Michelle Flowery). I was greeted with a very pleasant welcome of Hubba Hubba cosy setting, and of course, Alina’s personal touch on the goodies for all participants to bring back.

Imagine the amount of dedication put into setting up a workshop setting like this. It’s all in the little details- the reason why I adore Alina’s passion the most.

The silhouette of lady on leather was handmade. Some participants received hand painted pitchers to bring home. Key words; personal touch.

We worked on several type of flowers including succulents. The session was a relax one where Michelle taught the students, including myself on how to prep the flowers- among the memorable classes I attended, and we prepped succulents as well!

Michelle, teaching us students on burlap wrapping.

It was during this workshop too that I met and made new friends with lovely people that I am still in touch with until today. Thank you to social media!

Alina and Amanda, the co-founder of  Suravont. Check out their natural artisan soaks, soaps and scrub!

With Alin, who gave us amazing opportunities to work with Fattah Amin and Neelofa through our Soiree Bloombox.

The ambience, food, and the people was lovely. Although only for a short while, we made connection through our common interest- floristry.

Fast forward, almost 2 years later, look at where The Craft Crowd is. If it’s not the best creative workshops organizer in our lovely city, Kuala Lumpur, it got to be the most genuine + the most real creative workshop, run by a passionate director, with help of her dedicated instructors.

On behalf of Soiree & Flora, I wish you congratulations and many happy returns in years to come. Don’t stop the creative juice from flowing and please, keep adorning our city with your happiest colours to offer.

P/S: Soiree & Flora had its 8th workshop with The Craft Crowd recently. From attending the workshop as a student, to becoming #TCCWorkshops’ resident instructor, The Craft Crowd really played an important role to SF’s growth. Cheers to many more special projects and collaborations together!

You may have a look at the album of recent flower workshop via this link: SF x TCC 8th Workshop!

Next available workshops by Soiree & Flora are from our Wedding Series. Learn more on the available modules and dates here.