It’s 8 am in the morning as I enter this quiet little cafe tucked away along Tun HS Lee. I see the tables that have been set aside and plastic storage boxes that gather at the corner. I wear my trusty pink headband and get to work.

Another #ThatSundaySoiree was about to begin and I knew that the Sunday ahead will be filled with beautiful things and people. As I set each of the participant kits on the table, carefully placing tools – gardening scissors, ribbons, cable wires, green tape, personalised notebook in the prettiest blush shade – I could imagine all the smiles this simple kit would bring to each student of the day. Honey, if you’re looking for love, you can find it in the details.

After setting the last peacock feather into the glass vase, I think of my journey so far with this inspiring studio.

A few month back, I signed up for a hand bouquet workshop as my soul was yearning of worthwhile weekends, of being among people with a shared passion for learning new things and creating beautiful things. I learned of flower names that I’ve never heard of before, felt the giddiness that came along with picking flowers from the Flower Bar that makes you feel like a Parisian superstar shooting a scene in an al fresco cafe. That day I took home not just a kick*** bouquet (I’m sure it would’ve scored at least a B+) but also a newfound spark that looked forward to more weekends of creating beautiful and magical things.

Next thing I know, I am sitting at a baby pink and blue counter at the Alphabet dUCk launch as a junior calligrapher learning from living inspirations, Harry and Elli. I handed out personalised candles to customers whose faces lit up at the sight of their names beautifully written on their scented candles.

Cut to the next scene at LOKL Cafe where I was assisting in a floral workshop for refugees in partnership with the FUGEE School. The cafe was filled with smiles and giggles in seconds as the students take selfies with their beautiful bouquets.

And then the first #ThatSundaySoiree happened – the team had their hands full with the new studio and the Bloombox workshop and needed help for food styling. As always, I volunteered with just 2 days to prepare! Who does that? Armed with my apron, shower cap (which was supposed to be a hairnet but Syamer) and my generally positive disposition on life, I was able to place the cheese on a photogenic piece of wood that we rented, put the pasta in stylish little cups and made the lemonade just the right shade of pink. I looked at the spread and beamed proudly behind my face mask (yes with shower cap also!)

 Just then, flowers in quirky wick baskets arrived and filled our little corner in the cafe. The Flower Crown workshop was about to begin and immediately the atmosphere for good fun was complete.

I know what you must be thinking, what a beautiful story! No?

What is this clueless little girl doing writing on Soiree’s blog? Bingo!

Well, dear readers, as having the unique experience of witnessing the growth of this little studio that could to one that has created countless memories for its clients (including plenty of mine), I find myself at the receiving end of Amirul’s burning question (the creative mind behind Soiree and Flora) – WHAT’S NEXT?

I think I have a knack of being at the right places at the right times, and this time the right place was in a packed KyoChon restaurant where he told me of the idea of creating experiences for his followers beyond arranging flowers – one that would inspire them to go out and make the most of their weekends just like how I did at the beginning, to constantly seek beautiful things and meet the best people.

He felt that it was time to take the next step from simply curating flowers.

It’s time to curate experiences.

And where better to start than the existing space of Soiree and Flora’s blog? This little project  hopes to add positive energy into this planet by encouraging people to live their best lives yet through beautiful experiences.

Just like how the studio creates atmospheres that allow for creativity and positivity to thrive – this space will be a storehouse of content on anything exciting, inspiring and energising – from the newest restaurants, the up-and-coming movers and shakers in the creative scene to the most unique activities.

You must be thinking, “like a lifestyle blog?” Yes but of course with a Soiree and Flora spin to it!

The featured content will be from the perspectives of yuckies (yup, you read it right, Yuckie:Young Creative) – not from experts or award-winning writers, it will be from me to you, honest and relatable, from someone who loves Stacy Orico’s lyrics of there’s gotta be more to life, with both reservation and gumption, with self-doubt and passion felt through cleverly curated words and photos.

Remember the part where I have this knack for being at the right place and at the right time? Well, that’s where your girl, this little clueless girl that tried, fits in. I get to be the first to do it!

Are you ready to for this?

I sure am. – Timmy