There are many things that we are afraid of. For me, one of the biggest fears is to take the first step to do things. Taking the first step simply means going somewhere different, somewhere new, somewhere things might not go how we planned or expect. It means opening myself up to failure, or even rejections. Just to think of it scared me.

Today’s #ThatSundaySoiree made me realise that it’s not bad at all to initiate the first step.

While the clusters of aspirational florists are good for the industry, the number of monotonous workshops is outgrowing the demand. No offence, but where’s the fun when everyone tends to conduct workshops of the same kind?

Hence the team decided to stay out of our comfort zone, offering a module different from what are already there in the market. We took the first step, and today we learnt how to make Wedding Arch with #ThatSundaySoiree’s participants.

All I can say, we had fun and everyone was happy with the gorgeous outcome. (I really hope so! :D)

Soiree & Flora’s personalised notepads and hand poured scented candles for the participants.

Flower selections for the Wedding Arch workshop.

Participants of #ThatSundaySoiree working together layering the arch with greens.

Romantic arch, amazing work by the participants of #ThatSundaySoiree-Wedding Arch Workshop.

Our friends from Penang, Kim & Yvonne.

Our workshop coordinator for the day, Galoh of Bunga by Galoh in her element. 

Honestly, I believe that in anything we do, we will always be terrified of its failure- IF it is meaningful to us. But that is good thing because that will make us conscious of our action and we will want to be sure of our effort, and always strive to give our best shot.

I am glad that we pursued with the idea because through today’s workshop we managed to work together with a couple organisations who believe in community empowerment; MyWin Academy and The Pitcha Project. The former drives transformative innovation to empower women in leadership and entrepreneurship through its ‘Educating, Inspiring and Connecting’ approach. While the latter aims to empower marginalised communities in Malaysia through a sustainable food catering and delivery business by providing job opportunities to families from the marginalised groups. We are humbled to be able to play a small part in supporting missions of both organisations.

If there’s one advice that I can share to my future self, it’s this:

The first step takes courage, it takes guts. There might be voices (read: noises) asking you not to take the dip, not to go ahead, to let it be, just to stay where you are and not to go against the status quo. Basically asking you to do nothing. At all.

But remember, it’s the first step you took gives you confidence. Then it’ll make you want to take another step, to go further to see what lies beyond. Now you realise fear gives way to curiosity, and forging ahead seems a lot more easier.”

But the first step is not the hardest. The hardest step is the one that you take when you are tired and have walked long enough, and yet see nothing in sight-no oasis, no light, nothing. You know it will not be one glorious first step now, but an infinite number of steps which might not lead you anywhere. That’s when perseverance comes in handy, my friend.

There are harder times ahead for sure, but the most important thing now is, are you courageous enough to make the first step?

Class of 2017, #ThatSundaySoiree-Wedding Arch

Special shout out to our participants (we had people travelled all the way from Brunei and Penang- on the same day!) and partners for today’s session. This was dedicated to women and refugees empowerment. Empowering community has never been this exciting. Thank you for realising, yet another meaningful workshop. Soiree & Flora Team couldn’t thank you enough.

Official venue: MyWin Academy, Prime Minister’s Office

Food: The Pitcha Project

Juice: La Juiceria

Door gifts: Soiree & Flora

Workshop coordinator: Bunga by Galoh

Next available workshop will be on December 3rd (Wedding Tablescape) and January 14th (Wedding Arch). Visit link to register: Register for #ThatSundaySoiree