Care is giving. And when you give, there are different levels of amount. But it’s all about balance- if you consistently give and then you come to a realisation that you never receive back the adequate amount, you will start to wonder. And at that point you stop giving so much. Don’t get me wrong, you are still respectful & kind, but you decide to reduce the amount of attention & time you used to devote to “giving” it. You care, less.

It’s a give & receive relationship & you should give & receive mutually acceptable amounts, especially when you help someone out of “favor”. Because at times, people are oblivious that they think we owe them, just because we agreed to do them their favors. People, let me tell you one thing- no we are not. And don’t get it wrong.  We don’t need you to feel indebted to the kindness and care that we give you, but the least you could do is to respect that act of kindness.

From past experience, there are a handful I don’t fall over to be extra kind to, but I will always try to be courteous and respectful in social situations. You see, don’t ever confuse respect with kindness. I will still respect you, but personally, I think it would be a waste of my valuable time to give to others who never care to refuel me with any positive back. Putting this simply, it’s a balance of energy & kindness.

Eventually, you will learn when to give and when to limit the amount you will give. And at some points you have to completely stop giving anything at all for certain reasons and that’s normal.