August is definitely a busy month for the team as we had flower workshops scheduled every week until the end of the month- yes, it’s back to back! As tiring it may sound, I also think it’s good for the team to be exposed to workshop coordination and planning because in a way, it serves as a practising ground for us as well. But more importantly, it means that we also get to work with lots of flowers every week! It sure a nice feeling and something that we look forward to.

Actually before we decided the classes in August, we ran a quick survey on IG story- feedback from our prospective participants indicated that we should have a packaged module. We heard you, challenge accepted. So, we had our first 5-in-1 module, Business class: Florist last Sunday. I was a bit concerned when we first introduced this combined module, simply because we never had this before. All this while, #ThatSundaySoiree has always been focusing on a central theme and the team will dedicate the session intensively on a single module. Those who have participated in earlier session will know how committed the team is to ensure all deliverables are met. Having said that, my biggest fear is of course, whether or not we can sustain the same level of energy and enthusiasm throughout.

Now that the class is done, I must say it wasn’t an easy task. We uploaded some snippets of the class on story and received inquiries to repeat our Business Class: Florist.

So, here is the invitation for you to come and join us for this Business Class Workshop Series. In this class, you will be meeting SF team and learn the basic skills required to enable you to run your own flower business.

  • Date: 2nd September 2018 (Sunday)
  • Time: 12pm- 5pm
  • Venue: SF Studio, Bangsar, KL

If you never had experience dealing with flowers before, then you don’t need to worry because the class was designed to cater entry level (beginner) florists and flower enthusiasts who intend to embark his/her own journey in floral industry. The modules include:

  • Classic Hand Bouquet
  • Corsage
  • Flower Box
  • Mini Centerpiece
  • Wrapped Bouquet

We encourage early registration as our seats per session are limited. We hope to see you!

Workshop registration link:

Photo credit: Aisyah Areena